This is the first of many updates about this year’s Arts In Ireland program.

We will be living in the little town of Ballyvaughan, right on the coast where the hills of the Burren surround us and where the Atlantic ocean is a stone’s throw away.  A very beautiful area.

We will be hosted by the Burren College of Art, a wonderful facility where our students will have their own studios and have nothing but time and inspiration to create some fantastic, thoughtful and skillfully produced art work. I will publish a daily update about our activities, including photographs and commentary by students and faculty.  We are all very excited about this.

We invite you to follow us as we travel the coast, the Aran Islands, and immerse ourselves in the culture, geography, music and art of western Ireland.  If there is anything that you would like to know about the program, Wheaton College, or our activities, please let me know.

Thanks for your time and wish us safe travels.

Andy Howard


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I love following your journey! Everyone is SO talented. What a wonderful experience for the students. As an alum, how can I see the finished products!

  2. I have so enjoyed your enthusiasm and updates. The smiles all around make me feel the joy and humor that is alive and well at the Burren. I’m sure the tears will flow when this wonderful experience comes to a close. Thank you from a grateful mother. I have know she (steph) was in safe, capable hands from the moment she was accepted for the program. You both do a wonderful job with the parents and the Artists. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Michelle Hoomis

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