Critique #1 is History!

We had our first full critique today with both studio students and music students participating together. Students are well on their way to producing some great art work and original musical compositions. Before this course is over we hope to be able to show you some of the artwork and possibly post a few audio samples. Today, each studio student was expected to organize their studio space so that all of us could see their work in progress and listen to their conceptual ideas. This was followed by a Q and A period to allow for clarification and further discussion. The music students performed their work in progress as well, followed by comments from the entire class and suggestions for improving the work. I am posting a kind of gallery tonight to better help you understand what the work environment looks like accompanied by photos of individuals “in action.” Please know that we are doing our best to feature everyone in these blogs. If someone doesn’t seem to be getting adequate “face time” they will before we are through. Enjoy the photographs!


_DSC3973 _DSC3971 _DSC3998 _DSC3954 _DSC3961 _DSC3966 _DSC3970 _DSC3946 _DSC3942 _DSC3939 _DSC3937 _DSC3920 _DSC3925

Margaret Robe