Sunday is Saturday

Today is Sunday on the calendar but it is Saturday on our schedule as we flipped the two days because of the bus schedule to Galway. Students are working in their studios or out on location developing their projects. The sun is in and out as are the raindrops. We have learned to take what the day brings, accept what we cannot change. BTW, happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there who may be reading this blog! I wanted to send this quick blog to be followed later by a more extensive one complete with more photographs. Everyone is doing well, and everyone is healthy. No worries. On Tuesday we will be leaving for an overnight on Innishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands. If anyone has any connections with the weather Gods, please put in a good word. I’m a native Cape Codder so I know what wet is, but a rainy day on the Arans gives new meaning to the word “soaked.” It’s about a one hour ferry ride from Doolin. No guarantees about whether it will be smooth sailing._DSC3309 The picture above is a small representative sample of what this area looks like. We are surrounded by panoramas. Absolutely beautiful. More later.