Rainy Days and Wednesdays!

Morning walks have become a staple of the Arts In Ireland program over its four incarnations. However, this year we seem to have a group that prefers sleeping in. Out of 15 possible walkers 8 walked the first day, 5 the second and 3 this morning. Disturbing trend! The plan is to walk out in a different direction each morning for a ½ hour and then back for an invigorating wake up. I guess hibernation is preferable to invigoration. The walks are optional but it would be really nice, if, just once, we could be at full strength! (students read this blog)

As the title of today’s blog says, it’s pouring at the moment. We hope that this day follows the usual pattern of many weather changes in a single day as students are itching to get out to various locations to photograph, sketch, construct, etc. We shall see.

Seven hours later and I am happy to report that the weather sputtered a little and then cleared nicely. Not without a few wet spots but all in all we have had a very productive day. Elise, Tianxiao, Margaret and Margaret (not a typo, we have two Margarets) and Emma all travelled to Corcomroe Abbey, and the Bishop’s Quarter Beach to take photos for reference material for their projects. Later in the day, Karl, Liam, Jack and Mir travelled to a great beach in Ballyvaughan and then to Black Head. Again, to begin working on their projects, and gather reference material.


Margaret gathering reference material at Corcomroe._DSC3278

Emma Garcelon making photographs for later use in the studio._DSC3290


Jack is VERY happy and in his element._DSC3309

Visitors to Corcomroe..Emma, Margaret, Margaret, Tianxiao, Elise..

Visitors to Corcomroe..Emma, Margaret, Margaret, Tianxiao, Elise..


The process of deciding on a visual concept to be developed while we are here is actually quite complex. Students really have no idea, before arrival, what this place looks like, smells like, and feels like so they are put in the position of having to make choices in a very short time. There are a few false starts but by day five most are on their way.

Matthew will be writing his own blog pages very shortly and will describe what the music students are up to. Most of the time we are all together but on workdays we break out into our separate groups. From observation, I can tell you that they are experiencing a very similar process.

Tomorrow will be another workday with one module in the morning of three hours and a second module after lunch from one to five. Many students also return to the college to work on their projects in the evening. This is where the intensive part begins. Students are already aware that days are passing and time is getting short. Decisions must be made, concepts developed and executed in a short period of time. They are certainly up to it and the evidence is in what we are seeing thus far. There is joy in this process! A great group.