The Best Critique Ever!

Today was one of those days when I knew I made the right decision to become a teacher. Once in a while you have a day when classroom magic happens and today was that day. We began the critique going from studio to studio reviewing everyone’s work and I need to tell you that what is being produced is nothing short of phenomenal. The quality of the work is high and the dedication to making the best work possible is being exhibited by everyone.
The last four artists to present their work were the music folk. Each of them had a substantial amount of new work to present and it was absolutely spell binding. They played recorded compositions based on the influence of Irish music and we were astounded at the progress they have made. I know I’m using one superlative after another but there really is no other way to talk about what happened here today.
There was an electric tingle in the room felt by most everyone and I think we all realized we were experiencing something that just doesn’t happen that often.
At the end of the critique, Mary Hawks-Green, the President of the Burren College of Art came by and listened to Hilary Lahan’s original compositions and was literally shocked that Hilary was able to capture the musical essence of the Burren in such a short time.
Wheaton’s reputation for bringing quality students to the Burren continues and we are very, very proud of them. Matthew has done a tremendous job working with the music and visual art students. Together, we have confirmed that this combination of visual art and music is a fabulous connection and that this program should continue to be taught this way.
We have one full day and a half to button everything up for the show and to complete projects and concept statements. We could not feel more proud of this group. They have surpassed every expectation we have had for them and more, and we’re pretty sure that this experience will stay with them for their entire lives.
I know they are reading this so I’ll say the following for their benefit: You have shown what you are capable of producing the highest quality work and you have shown a level of commitment that we expect will continue from now on at Wheaton. Fair or unfair, you will be held to a higher standard at Wheaton in your course work. This is good for you and good for us as you will help us attract top quality students who will then benefit from programs like Arts In Ireland.
In closing for tonight I would like to thank our guys for giving us that magical teaching moment that we will remember for a very long time.