Getting Ready for Our Second Critique

If you are trying to keep up with our schedule I’ll make it easy for you. Here is the schedule of events for our last week in the Burren:

Tuesday, June 26th: Morning spent preparing for our second group critique.
Tuesday, June 26th: 1-5, Group Critique. Evening of work on projects.
Wednesday, June 27th: Work day, all day. Artist statement drafts due.
Thursday, June 28th: Morning spent preparing for our final exhibition. Final tweaks on projects. Clean up of studio spaces.
Thursday, June 28th: Afternoon of installing work and completing statements.
Thurday, June 28th: 6 -7 pm, opening
Thursday, June 28th: 7 pm, opening of Ugandan painter, Kizito Maria Kalule in the main gallery.
Thursday, June 28th: 8 pm, dance lessons, followed by dancing in Kilfenorra.
Friday, June 29th: Relax, last minute shopping, good-bye to Ballyvaughan.
Friday, June 29th: Departure dinner and wrap up.
Saturday, June 30th: Depart for Shannon Airport and return to Boston.

I hope this helps you visualize the flurry of activity taking place here.

The Burren College of Art is a tremendous artistic resource for County Clare. They operate year round and host many schools from the US during the summer months. There are other schools sharing the facility with us this summer. They are: Johns Hopkins, Moore College of Art, and Louisiana State University. After our time here, The Chicago Art Institute, and Northeastern University will arrive for 4 week courses.
The staff at the BCA are terrific. We would like to especially thank the following people for their warm hospitality and efficient programming: Mary Hawkes-Green, President of the college, Anna Downes, program coordinator, Robert Wainwright, Mr. Everything, Robert Ellis, librarian and computer guru, Martina Beuselinck and Anne Hogan, cafeteria magicians!
A word about the cafeteria at the BCA…. This is not simply a place where students can conveniently buy their lunch each day. That’s what it could be but it’s much more than that. Martina and Anne lovingly prepare delicious soups each day, along with other tasty items, but they also create a welcoming atmosphere making all of us feel at home while thousands of miles away from our families. They quickly learn the names of all of our students and a friendly rapport is established from day one. I hope they know that we appreciate their warmth and friendship, as well as the delicious food they prepare.

Back to the studios tomorrow for another full day of work. I made a few “action” photographs today showing “artists at work.” The quality of work that is emerging as we finish up is well conceived and very mature.

Lauren Andres puts the finishing touches on her pastel and ink wall drawings.

Some people see a camera coming from a mile away. Alex Strawbridge would be one of these people!

Amira Pualwan is working on her ink and watercolor drawings. The finished drawings will be featured in a later post.

Last night, Matthew took the music students to Doolin to listen to noted piper Blackie O’Connor. I am inserting a U-Tube video here so you will have a better idea of who he is and about the type of music he plays.