Innishmore In The Rain

Have you ever heard the old Maine expression, “you can’t get there from here?”  That pretty much sums up traveling to Innishmore, the largest of the three Aran islands.  The journey began on wednesday morning, first taking the 1 hour bus ride to Galway, then traveling another 45 minutes to the port where we boarded our Aran Islands Ferry for another 45 minute hop to Innishmore.  We arrived in a light sprinkling of rain that persisted on and off for the entire afternoon and evening.  We settled into the Kilronan Hostel, (the students did) and Matthew and I settled a bit more comfortably into our B an B just around the corner. I am told, didn’t actually see it, that the accommodations at the hostel were little better than sleeping 6 in a closet.  Think of it as a bonding opportunity!

The afternoon was spent hiking up to the Black Fort which sits at the edge of 300 foot cliffs approximately 45 minutes from Kilronan.  If you look carefully at the calves of our students, you can see them getting bigger by the week.  Lots and lots of walking and climbing.

Black Fort from the land side

Rock wall inside the confines of the Black Fort. This small enclosure was used to house people and/or animals.

Larger view of the interior of the Black Fort

View of the interior of the Black Fort showing its proximity to the ocean. High walls were built for protection from enemies from the landward side while using the cliffs and the ocean as protection from the other side.

Constant rain simply cannot dampen the spirits of our students.  They are warriors in every sense of the word.  No complaints, always grateful for the experience.  The following picture of Sedra Davis really illustrates their ability to make lemonade from lemons.

Sedra with the smile on her face that I have come to expect.


Here is a photograph of the tidal zone at the base of the cliffs. This photograph will be sent on to Christina for source material for her project.

The following pictures were made during the day while hiking around Innishmore and while visiting the Black Fort.

As close as they need to be!

Christina, Rachel, Lyndsay, Alex, and Amy. Step back a little….a little more…a little more!

A little bonding……

Some things are universal…what do you do when it’s raining and all of the sweater shops are open?  You go shopping!  These folks are becoming seasoned shoppers with all of the rain we’ve been having.  They are in the studio this morning sporting their newest acquisitions. Pictures to follow on another day….

Matthew and I made an executive decision yesterday about leaving Innishmore a little earlier than scheduled.  We bumped up our departure time from the Island by a few hours and made calls to all of our other connections to get us off the island and out of the rain.  We spent 2 very pleasant hours in Galway doing guess what?  Shopping!  Sorry folks, the amount of money spent shopping is directly proportional to the amount of rainfall.

We arrived back in Ballyvaughan at around 6 last night and most everyone retreated to their houses to eat get warm and to turn in early for what promises to be a very busy time as we approach our last week here.

Everyone is in the studio as I am writing this, working really hard on their projects.  I think you will be very excited and impressed by the work they produce.

Matthew will have another post shortly to keep you up to speed on the progress and goings on of our music students.  Please don’t think that we have taken a two track system with studio art and music.  They have been integrated at every level.

Until tomorrow… I hear that it is unseasonably warm at home.  Please mail us a little of your heat!  It’s about 50 degrees F here this morning but seems to be brightening.  Enjoy your day.