A Day At The Races

I have just come in from the field in front of the college where the local folks are staging a day of horse racing.  When I first became aware of this event, it was billed as “pony races.” My vision of what was to take place was of little tiny cute ponies pulling carts filled with small children.  I could not have been more off the mark.  These horses are the real deal.  There were a total of nine races featuring an average of seven horses per race, complete with jockeys.  A course was set up around a large hilly field and each race consisted of two laps around the track.  I really wasn’t prepared for the speed and power that these horses exhibited.  My only previous experience with ponies has been at the local fair, and on television watching westerns.  I was amazed at the power of these animals.

Around the 1st turn

The second lap

Going for the finish!

Betting is apparently legal here.  When I entered the gate I was offered a betting sheet.  There were two betting kiosks set up where people were laying down some pretty serious money.  Not my cup of tea as I’m completely out of my league with this sort of thing.

Another fantastic and exciting experience for our students to enjoy on the sunday afternoon of their day off. I use the term, “day off,” loosely because most everyone is here in the studio with me working.

We hope you are all enjoying the blog.  It’s really fun sharing.