Here Is Where We Are, And This Is Where We Are Going

It is raining sideways as I write this latest entry to the blog.  The temperature is approximately 50 degrees F and the wind is blowing a healthy 20 knots.  This is the third year that Wheaton students have come to the Burren and this is the first time we have had this much rain.  Our last trip in 2009 was almost completely precipitation free.  I guess we’re finally getting a taste of “real” Irish weather.

Everyone is working hard to develop their visual concepts and produce a strong body of work and this is the kind of day where they can hole up in the studio and accomplish a great deal.  The creative atmosphere at the BCA is highly charged.  We share a large studio space with Louisiana State and the concentration of the two groups is phenomenal. It is really inspiring to observe 30 students all hatching very different projects.  I have encouraged our students to go over and talk with the LSU folks and I have suggested to the LSU teachers to encourage their students to do the same.  The exchange could be beneficial to both programs.

We will be having our first formal critique on friday afternoon.  Both our visual artists and our music students will be presenting their work and describing their visual and musical concepts.  It will be exciting see and hear where everyone is at this juncture of the program.

Saturday, we are all going to Galway, approximately one hour north of Ballyvaughan.  We will spend the entire day there, visiting the farmer’s market, purchasing additional art supplies and taking advantage of what the city has to offer.

Sunday is a day at the races in Ballyvaughan.  They call them “pony races” but the locals tell me that there will be heavy duty betting as well as a carnival like atmosphere.  Don’t let the word “pony” fool you.  These are real race horses with jockeys wearing silks.  There will be a full day of racing, music, food and community activity.  Our students have been made to feel welcome in this community and this is one of the strengths of the area known as the Burren.

I will keep you up to date on all of our activities.  Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you are enjoying it.