We Have Arrived!!

I am very happy to say that our flight from Boston to Shannon Airport in Ireland was uneventful. If you should decide to one day visit this beautiful country, I heartily recommend Aer Lingus as your airline of choice.  I have flown with them on four different occasions and each time departures and arrivals were on time and without incident.   We were picked up at Shannon Airport by a bus arranged by the Burren College of Art and students were transported directly to their housing in the small village of Ballyvaughan.  Their houses are in the tradition of whitewashed cottages with thatched roofs overlooking the harbor in Ballyvaughan.  If you were traveling here on vacation you could not hope for better accommodations.  Each house is equipped with a full kitchen, dining room, living room complete with a peat burning fireplace, and each bedroom complete with its own bathroom.  Needless to say, everyone is more than happy.  The student houses are an easy walk to the center of town where they have already discovered the local grocery store, tea shop, an ice cream soda shoppe, and of course the four pubs that are located here.

Today we have begun the actual business of getting settled at the Burren College of Art.  Studios have been assigned, and currently I have four students working at Fines Beach and two at Black Head.  Our four music students spent time this morning learning the Irish whistle in the tower of Newtown Castle!

This reminds me that I have to stop here to go and retrieve them.  I wanted you to know that all is well, everyone is happy, and we are moving forward in this beautiful place.  I will write more later and by then I should be able to include a few photographs.  Please stay with me as it has been very busy with the handling of logistical issues. Now that we have settled in and more or less gotten into our routine,  my blogs will be more informative, visual, and frequent.  I hope you enjoy this the rest of the way.  Any comments etc, please send them to ahoward@wheatonma.edu.  Thanks.